24 Hour Trauma Unit & Casualty

Our casualty department is fitted with advanced technology and offers the highest of care and service in the region, we also have a pediatric unit, and both pediatric and casualty departments are specially equipped to provide the highest level of care for all types of emergencies. We treat patients throughout the country and from abroad. Traumas are usually accidental or intentional injuries that lead to life-threatening situations.

Persons suffering injuries in automobile accidents, from gunshot wounds or stabbings, or in fires, etc are attended to immediately where a dedicated staff of emergency medicine physicians, trauma surgeons, and other specially trained clinical staff stand ready to treat their injuries. Patients experiencing major illnesses and emergencies such as broken bones, cuts, and concussions are treated by our emergency team and are always at the ready. Using the most advanced technology, they are trained to take care of patients be it cardiac, orthopedic, stroke, or other emergencies.